Logo Designs

Logo Designs - International Award Winner bid contest - African Entry.

Note logos can be designed digitally, and or if you would like, an artist's drawing converted into digital media for branding.


Unique, handdrawn and digitally drawn logos. Artists impression of concept and idea, tailored to meet your requirements.

There is no one true approach to logo design. A wide variety of design styles and techniques can used in an effort to create a memorable logo. Try to research what style of logo you want, layout, form technque and subject elements.

Use this guideline:

Clean, Colourful, 3 D, Emblem, Cursive or Text Logos, Logo with graphic. Outline, Illustration, Unique font. Wordplay Abstract, Victorian, Elements etc

Recent Signature Logo:

Printing of Flyers:


Once design is agreed upon, client may collect original artwork for printers. Alternatively I load up into dropbox and can send a linkdirectly the printers. Should a client have artwork already, I will do print broking with a nominal charge to cover collection, delivery and admin costs.

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